Why Maha PowerEx & IMEDION?

Maha is a leading professional designer and manufacturer of rechargeable batteries and battery charger solutions. Forget domestic NiMH batteries, Maha equipment is the professional's choice, trusted by the likes of NASA and Kodak!  Thanks to an unmatched commitment to research & development, Maha are able to offer truly outstanding rechargeable batteries and battery charging products that outperform the competition, time and time again.

"Approved by the toughest customers, Military and defense, NASA, Kodak, Rockwell... and many more" (source: Maha Energy UK)

A quality battery charger allows rechargeable batteries to perform optimally and provides the greatest return on your investment. 

The Maha Powerex smart battery chargers use microprocessors to monitor the Delta V, peak voltage and dT/dt (temperature rise) of each battery battery as they charge.  This dynamic and realtime monitoring provides just the right amount of power to fully charge each battery without overcharging.  They also use unique pulse charging algorithms to provide maximum charge capacity to rechargeable batteries.  The Maha PowerEx pulse charging has the added benefit of conditioning the batteries which maximises battery life.

The advanced technology provided inside Maha PowerEx chargers is significantly more advanced and comprehensive than an "average consumer" battery charger (such as budget chargers available from your local electronics store or the supermarket).  Maha PowerEx advanced features may include;

  • Low charging temperature maximizes battery life and performance.

  • PowerEx is a well known brand name in professional photographics industry.

  • LCD displays for intuitive visual management and monitoring of batteries during their charge cycles.

  • User selectable Hard (fast) or Soft (slow) charging of your batteries (soft charging is better for your batteries over time).

  • More advanced features available on charger analyser devices such as the fully programmable Maha Wizard One (MHC-9000).

  • Superior battery formula, manufacturing processes and quality control ensures battery runtime is maintained for hundreds of recharges.

  • PowerEx batteries are manufactured to industrial standards for the consumer market.

Please do contact us at any time should you have any questions, or require advice.  We welcome your emails and phone calls and will be pleased to assist you making informed purchasing decisions.  Recharged also provide complimentary day to day technical support for your devices, batteries and their operation.

Poor quality battery chargers

Lesser specification battery chargers (such as many budget battery chargers available from consumer electronics outlets and supermarkets) often rely on;

  • A timer to provide a fixed amount of charge to the batteries.  A timer charger cannot tell if batteries are empty or full, or in between.  It simply starts charging, times, then stops.

  • Providing a fixed amount of current provided to pairs of batteries.  (Maha PowerEx chargers provide microprocessor controlled variable current individually to each battery).

  • Continuing to charge your batteries even if they are already fully charged.   This can place your batteries into an overcharged state causing irreparable damage.

A timer charger assumes your batteries are always empty when they are inserted into the charger.  This fixed assumption often results in overcharging of your batteries.  Overcharging may cause;

  • Your batteries to get hot which will reduce the number of recharge cycles you will get from the batteries during their lifetime.

  • Presents a fire hazard where lesser quality charging equipment gets excessively hot, or batteries explode.

  • Your batteries to hold less capacity over time.  This is particularly true of the new low self discharge batteries as they are often not empty when recharged.  

Timer chargers do not provide a full charge to today's higher capacity AA batteries, as the fixed amount of charge was designed for older technology, lower capacity AA batteries.


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