MH-C401FS compact 100 minute cool charger

MH-C401FS compact 100 minute cool charger
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Product Information

Charge AA / AAA NiMH or NiCD batteries in 100 Minutes Accurately and Coolly

Unlike other fast chargers, the PowerEx MH-C401FS allows you to recharge AA & AAA NiMH or NiCD batteries accurately and coolly, around 100 minutes (AAA charges in around 1 hour). 

Recharge in your car, boat, camper...

This charger is supplied with both AC power supply (wall wart style) and a 12 volt cigarette style adaptor for connecting your charger to any 12 volt power supply.  Perfect for charging batteries in the boat, camper, or in the car on long journeys.  Keep the kids' gadgets running while on the run!

Unique FLEX negative pulse charging algorithm

Allows the battery to accept a more complete charge regardless of the of battery’s capacity, if they cannot be fully charged users would not be able to fully realize the potential of the batteries.

The PowerEx MH-C401FS delivers the most complete charge for chargers in its class. The new FLEX negative pulse algorithm also significantly enhances battery life.

FLEX Pulse also makes traditional "battery conditioning & cycling" unnecessary as the pulse eliminates the memory effect just by charging the batteries. 

Manually Switch between 100 minute fast charge and 5 hour gentle charge

The MH-C401FS is also the first charger on the market to offer the choice between a 100-minute rapid charge and a slower, gentler 5-hour charge, both driven by a microprocessor termination control to prevent overcharge.

Accomplished by simply flipping a switch, the 5 hour gentle charge achieves ultra-cool charging when charging time is not crucial.   
100 Minute Rapid Charge 

Feature Advantages of feature
100 Minute Rapid Charge
Microprocessor Cutoff
Extremely fast recharge time
5 Hour Gentle Charge
Microprocessor Cutoff
Cooler battery charging and extends overall battery life.

 Four Independent Charging Circuits

Unlike some ultra-fast chargers on the market, the MH-C401FS charger has four independently controlled channels to charge and monitor each battery individually. This allows each battery to be charged to its full potential without risk of overcharging. The charger can charge one, two, three or four batteries.  

Limited Lifetime Warranty

The MH-C401FS charger comes with an unprecedented limited lifetime warranty*.

 Summary Technical Specifications;


Rapid Charge Current:

1000mA (AA), 500mA (AAA)

Trickle Charge Current:


Slow (Gentle) Charge Current:

300mA (AA), 200mA (AAA)

Charging Cell Configuration:

One to Four NiMH / NiCD AA / AAA Batteries


Negative Delta V, Four Independent channels

Power Supply Voltage:

12V 1000mA


Product Code MH-C401FS
Condition New
Weight 0.360Kg

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Some customer reviews: C401FS-AA-AAA-Battery-Charger (03 Feb 2013, 11:38)

Incredible charger

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From Geekzone: forumid=48&topicid=89143&page_no=2. I already had one of these Maha MH-C401FS chargers from a while ago, and it has been an absolutely incredible charger. 4 independent smart charging channels, and it has manually switch-able fast (100mins) and slow (5 hours) charge options. Anyway, it runs off 12volts so have been testing this on the 12volt output of the Nomad 7 solar panel and it has been working like a dream. (03 Feb 2013, 10:02)
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