Maha IMEDION 8.4V 250mAh "Ready When You Are!" 8.4 Volts, 250mAh

Maha IMEDION 8.4V 250mAh
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Product Information

Maha PowerEx IMEDION "Ready when you are" 8.4V, 250mAh rechargeable battery


Fast charge capable and works well with the MH-C490F Stealth Charger.

No memory effect allows for fast and efficient full charges. No conditioning necessary.

Chargeable up to 1000 times.

Retains up to 85% of charge after one year of storage.

Pre-charged and ready to use out-of-package.

8.4v 250mAh rating

Suitable for high drain devices.

Compatible with existing NiMH chargers.

Storage and Low Self Discharge Characteristics

IMEDION = Low Self Discharge (LSD)

Can be stored for an extended period of time without substantial loss of power.

No more finding your batteries to be low on charge when you want use them. "Ready When You Are!"

How do they compare to normal Powerex batteries?

These IMEDION 9V batteries have a capacity of 250mAh [Actual 8.4v 250mAh rating].  

While 250mAh is lower than the extremely high capacity PowerEx 9V batteries, for devices that do not drain the batteries in less than a month, the IMEDION 9V rechargeable batteries will provide a longer lasting solution.  Due to the low discharge characteristics of IMEDION batteries, they enable rechargeablle NiMH batteries to be used in low powered devices such as remote controls for the Mulit-meters, TV, DVD player, Stereo, Computer mouse, and XBOX controllers without the need for regular recharging.

Suggested uses

Enables wireless microphones, paintball hoppers, guitar pickups, kids toys, test instruments to last longer and work faster. 


1 year limited manufacturer warranty.

Product includes:
  • 1 x MHR84VI battery

Summary technical Specifications:
  • Part Number: MHR84VI
  • Capacity: 250mAh
  • Voltage: 8.4V 
Product Code MHR84VI
Condition New
Weight 0.060Kg

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